I am so grateful and inspired by each client that I have the opportunity to work with. I celebrate each one and appreciate the time they took to share the impact that our time together had on them, their goals, and their life. 

"Working with Bri has been a life changing process.  I was connected to Bri at one of the most difficult times in my life. In a few short months, I have experienced exponential growth and expansion. Bri’s insight, empathy, beautiful spirit and skills lends to her excellence as a life coach. She looks at the whole person and has helped me create a new mental framework for my life and relationships. Her techniques empowered me to become the person I’ve wanted to become. She challenges my thinking, helps me see different perspectives, and encourages me to trust and believe in myself. Bri has gone above and beyond. I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support. I am incredibly grateful and fortunate to have been connected to her. Bri is exceptional!"


"Upon being promoted into a leadership position, I was fortunate to find my way to Bri and our coaching relationship. Suffering from significant imposter syndrome and self-doubt, I was struggling to get my footing in this new role. Through our coaching conversations, Bri helped me to untangle what felt like overwhelming issues, create meaningful actionable steps, and served as a partner in accountability as I begin to work through these concerns. Bri also helped me to recognize and celebrate progress, which is often overlooked. I continue to engage in coaching with Bri, years later, as I find such great value to both my personal and professional lives."


“Executive coaches all have their own style and I have found that Briane takes a unique “whole person” approach to coaching that has helped round out the way I look at personal development.  By helping me understand the underlying motivations that drive my satisfaction professionally, I have become better positioned to address minor and major events in my career journey. Her vast knowledge base of different styles and approaches has broadened my perspective to include new ways of thinking about challenges and professional relationships.  No matter your disposition or background, I feel that anyone can benefit from Briane’s approach!”


"I partnered with Bri on several enterprise initiatives. Bri brings a deep level of empathy and care to the work she does. She is excellent at creating partnerships and understanding the true needs of the business and more importantly the needs of the humans that work within the business teams. She brings a deep knowledge of HR practices, high level of commitment, care, fun and her true self to everything she takes on."


Life Is Better With Bri! I have accessed more compassion for myself through Bri's unwavering compassion. I feel seen, supported, and validated by her and our work. She guides me to my path, while not giving me the answers, but by bringing forward my own agency. Her guidance is patient, kind, insightful, and collaborative. Always grateful."


“Working with Bri has been an invaluable experience that pays dividends for my career trajectory. Her guidance and coaching helped me navigate a very complex set of challenges at work, improve my ability to handle difficult conversations with colleagues, and effectively manage relationships at all organizational levels. Bri’s expertise made a remarkable impact on my professional journey, and her delightful demeanor makes the entire experience enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend connecting with Bri!”


"Bri is an incredible coach to work with and nothing short of a talented genius. She is a compassionate listener and identifies things I never would have noticed on my own. Our sessions are all custom to my needs at the time and she shifts each time helping me become the best version of myself. I look forward to every session and leave better than how I showed up every time. I am forever grateful for her gifts."


“My work with Bri has been transformational, both personally and professionally. Her guidance supported my entry to the world of leadership coaching and led me to change my approach to consulting, as I now employ a much greater emphasis on curiosity, choice and compassion. On a personal level, Bri’s approach has taught me to pay close attention to my energy and establish a deep trust in my understanding of what I want. I am so grateful that Bri has shared her gifts with me.” 


"My time with Bri, no matter how brief, is filled with so much movement. I consider her a mentor not just of life coaching and reiki, but life. She provides a wonderful example of how to exist with care and grace and creates an open environment for self reflection and growth, without judgement. I’m thrilled about the ways in which we’ve been granted the opportunity to learn and co-create and I always look forward to the next round!"


"My first interactions with Bri came while reviewing the results of my “Instinctive Drive” reports. She helped me understand my needs, talents and vulnerabilities. After reflecting on my results and our conversation I came to the recognition that my current role wasn’t the right fit for me. Our sessions gave me the knowledge and confidence needed to pursue a change. Bri subsequently worked with me to help me think through where I wanted to take my career.  She’s a great listener and always left me with challenging questions to contemplate. Her guidance and support has been invaluable as I navigate my path. The experience has been very rewarding."


"Bri skillfully assists others in their journey to design and pursue a life of their choosing. Through her active listening and thoughtful discussion, new insights and awareness emerge that bring clarity to potential paths that were previously invisible. Her compassionate, empathetic nature creates a “safe space” to explore changes needed to achieve personal goals. Bri is a gift beyond compare!"



the idea that people, like flowers, bloom in their own time and in their individual ways