About Me

Hi, I'm Briane.

My personal belief is that each individual and group has the ability to honor who they are and create what they want when the perfect combination of awareness, care, alignment, choice, and action is fostered.

Throughout all interactions both personally and professionally, I realized in all areas of life people, individually and together, are consistently seeking a meaningful life. Yet at times are struggling to define, plan, live, and achieve. What I found is that we are skipping or missing a step, which is creating and choosing meaningful and intentional moments. I found it important to recognize that life is one moment at a time and that moment is right here and right now.

Once I gave myself permission and committed to creating meaningful and intentional moments, my life began to fall more into place and that created the space for me to live a life that I am proud and inspired by.

My mission is to get to know you and provide you with the tools, resources and support that will empower you to define and create meaningful and intentional moments for you, your team and/or your organization in order to achieve the results you seek and create a life that you are proud of and inspired by.

My experience and expertise:            

I am an intuitive empowerment coach, organizational development consultant, and wellness practitioner empowering individuals and teams to live and lead with their personal and collective potential.

I have over 15 years of experience working in the world of human connection and potential. I provide expertise in diagnostics, human centered design, coaching, consulting, team effectiveness, change leadership, organizational design, facilitation, holistic wellness, emotional intellegience, emotional requlation, energy expansion (Reiki & Biofeedback), and trauma informed care. My innate talents coupled with my extensive education, professional, and personal experience, has inspired and prepared me to support individuals, teams, and organizations to live and lead sustainable transformation with purpose, intention, effectiveness, and fun. 

Education and Certifications
• ICF Professional Certified Coach
• Reiki Master Teacher
• Certified Positive Psychology Coach
• Gallup Certified Strengths Coach 

• Certified Instinctive Drive Partner

• Certified in Personalysis

• Developing Emotional Connections
• Grounded and Conscious Facilitator
• Conscious Leadership
• Prosci Change Management Practitioner

• Human Centered Design
• ACSM Exercise Physiologist
• Certified Wellness Practitioner

Trauma Process Yoga Group 

Traumatic Grief 

Resilence to Thriving

• B.S. in Exercise Science
• Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Leadership


"Love your Fate" which is in fact your life